National LEADER Network – with the support of EU ENPARD programme – organised regional working meetings to assess the needs of Moldovan Local Action Groups

In the context of promoting LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova, thee newly established National LEADER Network in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture Regional Development and Environment and with the support of the EU financed “Technical Assistance to ENPARD Programme” project, organised during January a series of regional Workshops with the Local Action Groups to share experience and to assess their needs.

The meetings were held in Balti on January 16th, Cahul on January 17th and Comrat on January 21st. All together, the meetings gathered more than 80 participants representing 20 Local Action Groups. The main purpose of the meetings was to exchange experience between LAGs from different regions and to identify their needs and expectations towards the National LEADER Network.

The LAGs performed a self-assessment on their institutional development, and functioning including: LAG management, Local Development Strategy and office structure as well as LAG visibility and PR. Based on the results of the self-assessment the National LEADER Network will develop a LAG Need Assessment evaluation report and based on the conclusions will suggest an Activity Plan for 2019, that will be presented and approved the Network management Board which already planned for later this month.

“LEADER is a great chance for development of rural Moldova. We saw how effective this instrument might be in 2018 when it was piloted. That is why as a LEADER Network we want to support Moldovan LAGs in their institutional development and provide them with all necessary assistance to make them workable for economic growth at their territories”, said Marina Albu, President of the LEADER Network.

Within the workshop the rural development expert working with the Technical Assistance for the implementation of the EU ENPARD (European Neighbourhood Programme to Agriculture and Rural Development), presented also the three new rural development measures approved in November 2018 by the Parliament. The measures aim at improving quality of life in rural areas including: (i) improvement and development of rural public infrastructure, (ii) village renewal and development and (iii) diversification of rural economy by non-agricultural activities.

LEADER (a French acronym Links Between Actions for Development of the Rural Economy) is an EU mechanism to support locally-driven rural development interventions through inclusive partnerships that recognise local resources and potential. Those partnerships are so called Local Action Group (LAGs) formed by local partners representatives of public, civic and business sector. Currently in Moldova exists approx. 30 LAGs / LADER-like initiatives. In 2016-2018 the EU supported creation of 8 pilot LAGs in Gagauzia and Taraclia within EU-SARD Programme. National LEADER Network was established by Moldovan LAGs and organisations that promote LEADER approach in Moldova in December 2018.

Additional information on the event can be obtained from the ENPARD Technical Assistance Project (Ms. Tatiana Plosnita –, +373 69178484).

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