Took place the 2nd meeting of the Thematic Working Groups operating under the National Rural Network of Moldova

The 2nd meeting of the three (3) Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), which have been established and operate under the National Rural Network (NRN) of Moldova, took place on Thursday 24th of January 2019 at Summit Convention Center, Chisinau.

The 3 TWGs have been launched by the NRN Management Committee on its meeting if 2nd of November on the following specific themes:

  1. TWG1: Agriculture and Environment, with the topic for this year: “Irrigation and sustainable use of underground waters”;
  2. TWG2: Food processing, with the topic for this year: “Processing of small scale traditional agrofood products”;
  3. TWG3: Rural Development with the topic for this year: “Rural tourism – challenges and perspectives”.

Despite the bad weather conditions prevailed, which prevented many of the members to travel from their region to Chisinau the meetings were proved fruitful. During this second meeting in the form of a Workshop, the participants/members were reviewed the progress that has been made so far in building their Policy Papers on the three specific topics. They were reviewed the state of play in the 3 sectors, they assessed the legislative framework ruling the sectors and discussed problems and obstacles that prevent the sectors from being developed. Finally, they agreed to meet again next month on February 28th to overview the final draft reports and make final remarks.

The 3 TWGs are intended to organise an open public Conference in Chisinau next March, where they will present their conclusions and recommendations of their work to the relevant Ministry officials, governmental bodies and public competent organisations and ask their voice to be heard.

The creation of the National Rural Network is a collaborative action between two projects both financed by the European Union Delegation in Moldova: “Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Sector Reform Contract: European Neighborhood Programme to Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) and “Facilitating active engagement of the civil society actors in the agro-rural policy dialog”.

The beneficiary of both projects is the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE).

Additional information on the event can be obtained from the ENPARD Technical Assistance Project (Ms. Tatiana Plosnita –, +373 69178484).


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