National LEADER Network with the support of ENPARD organised a workshop on “Designing and Developing Touristic Routes in LAG territories”

The recently established National LEADER Network in cooperation with the “Invest in Moldova Agency”, “Solidarity Fund PL” and with the support of MADRE and the EU funded “Technical Assistance to ENPARD” project, organised on 14 February 2019, at the premises of the Invest in Moldova Agency, a workshop on “Designing and Developing Touristic Routes in LAG territories”. The workshop gathered 45 representatives from more than 20 LAGs all over the Republic of Moldova that are interested in developing rural tourism in their territories as part of their Local Development Strategies using the LEADER approach.

During the morning session, participants were informed about the legislative framework, methodological norms for setting up, approval and registration of touristic routes and the objectives and priorities of the National Tourism Strategy. This informative session culminated with a series of presentations of experts on tourism who shared their knowledge, experience and useful tips.

Ms. Rodica Verbeniuc, Executive Director of Agency of Investment in Moldova presented to the participants the marketing plan for promoting “Tourism in Moldova” and the actions undertaken towards this direction.

Ms. Marina Albu, President of the National LEADER Network emphasised that: “LAGs, acting as a local development tool, can play a crucial role in promoting rural tourism in the country. They can fill the gap and provide tourists with a comprehensive touristic product at the local level by giving them the opportunity to discover local amenities, enjoy recreational activities, taste local traditional products, get familiarised with the natural and cultural heritage of the rural areas and meet with authentic rural people.

In the afternoon session six LAGs: Bugeac Kilim, Eco Bugeac, Lunca Prutului de Jos, Serpentina Nistrului, Dolina Rodnikov and Eco Duz Ialpugel worked closely with the tourism experts on designing four touristic routes in their territories using specific design techniques and tools. These routes will be improved later, tested and presented in the field visits, which have been scheduled for the second day of the EU-Moldova International LEADER Conference planned for early April this year.

“This workshop gave me the opportunity to discover the LEADER approach and to meet dedicated people. It is impressive how many unknown places we have in Moldova, and LAGs representatives can help our organisation – Guides of Moldova, to discover new touristic routes and to present them to tourists” said Ms. Nina Belei, President of the Association of Guides, Lecturers and Translators of the Republic of Moldova.

“These was a very useful exercise! Experts helped us to understand better what are the expectations of the people that are willing to visit our localities. Also, how we should be prepared and how to provide them with good quality services” mentioned Ms. Valentina Carastan, president of LAG Lunca Prutului de Jos.

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