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European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)

Through ENPARD the European Union provides support to agriculture and rural development in Moldova.

ENPARD was implemented in Moldova in 2016. The main focus of the programme is to provide support to Moldova in implementing the National Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy (NARDS). The Programme assistance is provided to the government and also to NGOs working directly with communities on the ground level. ENPARD is fully in line with the objectives of the NARDS.

Through the ENPARD programme, the European Union aims to reach three goals:

  • To build capacity and support government institutions in the reform of the agriculture and rural development sector;
  • To improve employment and living conditions of rural populations by strengthening farmers’ cooperation skills and access to resources;
  • To promote diversified social and economic opportunities in rural areas, particularly for women and youth, in due respect to the environment and the cultural heritage.

The total budget for ENPARD in Moldova for 2016-2018 is €64 million.