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ENPARD Budget Support

Budget support is the main form of assistance from the European Union (EU) to the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and it is a key instrument within the ENPARD programme for Moldova.

Budget Support means that the state budget of Moldova is receiving payments from the EU on the base of fulfillment of specific conditions and performance progress indicators in the field of agriculture and rural development.

Through the Budget Support Sector Reform Contract (BS SRC) agreed between the EU and Moldova the conditions, indicators and procedures for allocating the funds to Moldova are regulated in detail.

The budget support payments complete in their entirety the National Agricultural and Rural Development Fund (NARDF), which is the main fund for subsidizing and supporting the agricultural producers.

The ENPARD 53 million EUR budget support funds  is going to be allocated in 3 three yearly tranches as follows:

  • in 2016 – 17 million EUR;
  • in 2017 – max. 17 million EUR;
  • in 2018 – max. 19 million EUR.

The expected results of budget support are the following:

  • To strengthen capacities of agricultural and rural development policy implementation bodies through improving the legal and regulatory frameworks and other measures;
  • To improve competitiveness of the agri-food sector through its restructuring and modernization;
  • To ensure sustainable management of natural resources;
  • To improve conditions for living and working in rural areas by increasing the employment and income opportunities in rural areas.

All measures and expected results of ENPARD are fully in line and complementary to the National Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy (NARDS).