The Republic of Moldova will take over Romania’s experience in paying agricultural payments

The Agency for Intervention and Payment for Agriculture (AIPA) in Moldova and the Agency for Payments and Intervention for Agriculture (APIA) in Romania signed a bilateral cooperation agreement to develop the support system for applicants for financial support from non-reimbursable funds for agriculture and rural development. The interinstitutional cooperation document signed on 26 April, in Chisinau sets the interinstitutional cooperation procedure between APIA and AIPA through the implementation of an information exchange program in the field of financial assistance and institutional organization. Following the signing of the Agreement, the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Liviu Volconovici, held talks with the managers of both institutions.

“I am sure that this collaboration will intensify activities related to young people’s entrepreneurial skills development based on the knowledge and optimal management of resources (financial, human, material, time, etc.). There will be facilities for young farmers in the Republic of Moldova to train them, exchange experience and good practices with the Romanian institutions and organizations “, said Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Liviu Volconovici.

According to the Agreement, APIA will provide assistance to AIPA in the process of establishing uniform policies and procedures in the field of stimulating investments in the agricultural sector, will contribute through the transfer of experience to the development and development of AIFA’s competencies for the establishment and development of clear forms and mechanisms and procedures efficient intervention in agriculture in the Republic of Moldova, as well as support the implementation and finalization of the internal management and control system in order to ensure efficient subsidy management within AIPA.

At the same time, APIA will support the development of the process of selection and recruitment of specialists through exchange of experience and procedures to ensure the achievement of the AIPA objectives.

Thus, the parties will deepen the collaboration in the field of staff training, both in the central and the territorial offices, by organizing the summer/winter schools organized in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova, with the possibility of attracting lecturers, APIA, as well as other institutions, both from Romania and from the EU member countries, for conferring for the benefit of AIPA experts or representatives of Moldovan farmers. The institutions will also jointly identify joint venture projects for farmers in Romania and the Republic of Moldova to develop mixed economic activity partnerships in agriculture, as well as take measures and intensify their joint activities to develop a project “Twinning of Farmers”, which will allow Moldovan farmers to visit successful farms in Romania, beneficiaries of non-reimbursable financing (with European funds), where they will be able to take over the good agricultural manipulation practices, ways and possibilities to promote production, identifying new markets, etc.

At the end of the talks, the AIPA and APIA representatives expressed their readiness to enhance and intensify their cooperation to develop joint projects.

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