Moldovan specialists learn from the Dutch experience in agricultural extension and research

The EU-funded project “Technical Assistance for Implementation of Sector Reform Contract – ENPARD Moldova”, in partnership with the private consultancy company Delphy (former Dutch State Extension Service), organized a study tour to the Netherlands during the period 22-27 July 2018.

The participants were a group of extension and research specialists from Moldova: Ms. Alisa Parlog, State Secretary at MARDE, Ms. Magdalena Rusnac-Frasineanu, Head of Science, Education and Rural Extension Service at MARDE, Mr. Vasile Dogotari, Senior Consultant in the Legal Division at MARDE, Mr. Iurie Hurmuzachi, Deputy Director of Farmer’s Federation of Moldova and Mr. Iurie Melnic, PhD Associate Professor, First Vice-Rector of the State Agricultural University of Moldova.

The event was a follow-up action by the Technical Assistance Team in support of updating the Rural Extension Strategy for 2012-2022 and the related Action Plan for implementation.

In addition to meetings with partner-representatives, the agenda included visits to the Wageningen University, ZLTO (Regional Farmer Organisation from the province of Zealand) and to agricultural suppliers which provide advisory services for their clients, including: De Heus Company (animal feed producer), Rabobank (financial services in agri-food sector), CZAV (cooperative-supplier of plant protection products). The participants also attended consulting sessions to farmers in the field.

The main discussion topics were the Dutch experience in development of extension services, with a special focus on the stages and main obstacles encountered with the introduction of fees for advisory services, the framework for cooperation amongst extension entities, researchers and private companies from the sector and roles of farmer organisations and scientific and educational institutions in extension.

As result of the tour, the participants submitted a report with lessons learned, conclusions and recommendations for further update of the Rural Extension Strategy and related Action Plan and development of tendering procedures for extension services in Moldova.

The Technical Assistance Project aims to accompany the “ENPARD Moldova – Agriculture and Rural Development” Budget Support Sector Reform Contract (BS SRC) and to support capacity building and institutional strengthening of MARDE and its subordinated agencies, in order to promote policies and reforms and improve governance in agriculture and rural development.

For further information, please contact Mr. Malcolm Ross, Team Leader, at, or Ms. Magdalena Rusnac-Frasineanu, Head of Science, Education and Rural Extension Service (MARDE) at,

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