Study visit to Greece – Transfer of experience on programming and implementing interventions for improving conditions for living and working in rural areas

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment with the support of the EU-funded Project “Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the Sector Reform Contract: European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)”, organized a study visit in Greece with the aim to transfer experience on programming and implementing interventions for “Improving conditions for living and working in rural areas”

A Moldovan delegation comprising from 13 people coming form MARDE, AIPA, CALM, Farmers associations and proLAGs was attending the study visit in Greece which took place from 3rd to 7th of September.

The study visit was organized within the framework of the programming of MARDE to implement the following new Measures for Rural Development with the objective of “Improving conditions for living and working in rural areas”:

  • Improvement of rural public infrastructure;
  • Village renewal and development;
  • Diversification of rural economy by non-agricultural activities;
  • Implementation of Local Development Strategy under LEADER approach.

The 5-day study visit was organised in such a way so as to provide the Moldovan Delegation with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience of the programming work and the implementation procedures for those Measures in the Greek RDP. The study tour included visits in:

  1. the Managing Authority of the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food, where participants were informed about the organizational structure of the Managing Authority of Greece, its role and tasks, the Greek Rural Development Program 2014-2020, the procedures for the implementation of the 2014-2020 rural development Measures, the improvement of living and working conditions in rural areas (public and private interventions), the local LEADER/CLLD programs and the operation of the National Rural Network.
  2. two rural areas in south Greece where 2 Local Development Agencies (ACHAIA SA and PARNONAS SA), are implementing Measures under the Greek rural development programme for “Improving conditions for living and working in rural areas for more than 20 years under the LEADER approach. The participants were informed on LAG organization issues and the implementation of local development strategies and visited selected projects co-funded by LEADER as well.

In that respect the study visit gave the opportunity to involved programming and implementing bodies from Moldova (MARDE, AIPA, LAGs, farm assocoations) to:

  1. have a transfer of experience from a country which implements similar Measures for “Improving quality of life in rural areas” under the EU rural development policy framework;
  2. to familiarize the programming and implementing bodies of Moldova with the procedures and the mechanisms needed to implement the Measures in an effective way;
  3. to establish links and collaboration with programming and implementing bodies between the 2 countries;
  4. to allow MARDE and AIPA to meet LAGs from Greece and to exchange views and experiences related to the impementation of LEADER programme.

In the first day in the Greek Managing Authority the meeting was attended also by the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Greece, Mr. Anatol Vangelli, who stressed the importance of such exchanges of experience and know-how that contribute to the creation of ties and cooperation on rural development issues between countries.


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