Training on HACCP certification for milk producers, delivered by Technical Assistance project for ENPARD Programme

On 30 October 2018, the Technical Assistance project for ENPARD Programme, jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE) and the Association of Farmers – Milk Producers, organised a training session for the milk producers from the north of Moldova. The junior expert under the TA project, Dr. Sorin Tolea, informed the participants about the HACCP principles and standards applicable at the farm level. He described the certification process and exposed the certification requirements. Additionally, he listed all the components that constitute an HACCP plan for a milk farm. The Head of Division for livestock policies from MARDE, Mrs. Tatiana Nistorica, explained the current state-of-play in the Moldovan livestock sector and invited the participants to discuss about the National Programme for milk sector development. The farmers raised questions and issued proposals. The series of training sessions on HACCP certification and consultations on the margin of National Program for milk sector development will continue in other parts of the country.

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