2nd Meeting of the Management Committee of the National Rural Network of Moldova

The 2nd meeting of the management Committee of the National Rural Network of Moldova took place last Friday on 2nd of November. The Members reviewed the Action Plan of the Network and decided to launch 3 Thematic Working Groups on specific issues related to the development of Agriculture and rural development.

The newly established National Rural Network of Moldova (29th June 2018) has started already its activities. In its Constitutional Assembly last June, 103 members from all over the country signed a Protocol of Agreement of the Network, where they expressed their commitment to work together in order to improve the quality of agro-rural development policies and their implementation by involving stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of that policy.

In that regard the Rural Network unites the organizations and administrations involved in agriculture and rural development field under an “institutional umbrella” aiming in facilitating and strengthening participation in policy dialogue within the national agro-rural context. The Network is focusing in several activities, namely: increasing the participation of civil society in the implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Development; ensuring communication between stakeholders; strengthening Network members’ competencies to influence and monitor public policies; promoting fair policies for competitive and innovative agriculture; promoting the LEADER approach in the development of rural communities.

While at the 1st meeting among the members were elected the Management Committee members, at the 2nd meeting which took place on Friday, November 2 and hosted by FARM Association the preliminary Activity Plan of the Rural Network was discussed. Particularly Mrs. Aurelia Bondari, President of the Network and Mr. Panagiotis Patras, rural development expert in the TA project for ENPARD, presented to the members a draft Action Plan with activities of the Network for the first 2 years of its operation.

Within that Action Plan and following the discussions three Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) in the fields of Agriculture and Environment, of Rural Development and of Food Processing have been established. The TWGs will work in particular on policy improvements and they will be assisted by international experts in the field recruited by the TA to ENPARD project. The Management Committee decided to launch the three TWGs for this year in the following specific themes:

  1. Agriculture and Environment, with the topic: “Irrigation and sustainable use of underground waters”;
  2. Food processing, with the topic: “Processing of small scale traditional agrofood products”;
  3. Rural Development with the topic: “Diversification of rural economy-new job opportunities in rural areas”.

The first working sessions of the TWGs will take place next Friday on November 9th in Jazz Hotel.

The creation of the National Rural Network is a collaborative action between the projects: a) “Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Sector Reform Contract: European Neighborhood Programme to Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) and b) “Facilitating active engagement of the civil society actors in the agro-rural policy dialog”, both financed by the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. The beneficiary of both projects is the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE).

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